Fremont Lake Sunset - Visit Pinedale, WY

Fremont Lake


Only 3.2 miles from Pinedale, this stunningly beautiful, pristine, and mostly undeveloped lake offers easy access to outdoor activities and is a focal point for popular annual events, including the Sailing Regatta and Big Fish Ice Derby. Fremont Lake is Wyoming’s second-largest natural lake at 12 miles long and up to 1 mile wide and the 7th deepest lake in the country (610 feet).

Fremont Lake - Pinedale, WY

Boating & Sailing

The wind is common on Fremont Lake most afternoons creating perfect conditions for sailing. To the delight of avid sailors, the Fremont Lake Sailing Regatta is held each August.

Water Sports

Watercraft of all kinds are allowed on Fremont Lake, with boats up to 35 feet launching from the Lower Boat Dock when water depths are normal. Kayakers, canoers, windsurfers, and water skiers also share the lake.

Fremont Lake Overlook - Pinedale, WY

Lake Wildlife

Located in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Fremont Lake beckons to us all — visitor and local alike. Wildlife is abundant and easily spotted by the patient observer. Expect to see osprey, pronghorn, moose, black bear, eagles, mule deer, water birds and more. Bird-watchers are encouraged to visit the nearby CCC Ponds for easily accessible bird watching.

A Glacially-formed Lake

Surrounded by timbered foothills and a backdrop of spectacular peaks, Fremont Lake is a classic example of glacial geology, the lake was scooped out by an ancient glacier and is dammed at the lower end by a terminal moraine. The lake is named for explorer and military man John C. Fremont (18131890), who surveyed the area in 1842 while mapping most of the Oregon Trail.

Fremont Lake - Pinedale, WY


The dark blue waters of Fremont Lake are famously cold, and provide rich habitat for diverse species of fish. Anglers test their skills against rainbow, brown, and lake trout as well as Kokanee salmon. Fishing derbies in summer and winter, hosted by the Pinedale Boat Club, draw many families and individuals.


From Pinedale, follow Fremont Lake Road for 3.5 miles and turn left on FS Road 749. Stay left to reach Lakeside Lodge & Marina and the Lower Boat Docks or stay right to reach the Upper Boat Docks and Fremont Lake Campground.

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Fremont Lake Sunset - Visit Pinedale, WY

Before You Go

Fremont Lake Facilities

  • The Lower Boat Dock is accessible by paved road FS-111 for motorized boats.
  • Sandy Beach, a small natural beach where the water is relatively shallow, is just off the main access road is an ideal place for non-motorized boats to launch.
  • Sandy Beach is where families and young children enjoy the scenery, sand, and swim in the warmer waters near shore. A picnic area is adjacent.
  • No dogs are allowed on Sandy Beach.
  • For food and boat rentals, visit Lakeside Restaurant & Marina located along the south shore of Fremont Lake.