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In Pinedale, WY

The stars come out to play at night in Pinedale, shining brighter than you’ve ever seen. This rural town among three mountain ranges makes the perfect place for stargazing

For those of you that live in a city with more than 1,878 people, you’re definitely not used to seeing stars light up the night sky like it does in Pinedale, Wyoming.

When you step outside at night, you’ll be blown away by the bliss of watching the constellations, planets, and stars without air, noise, and light pollution.

There are tons of opportunities to get a closer look with viewpoints all over the Real Wyoming. Take a short drive to get to a remote, dark location to maximize your view. Grab a blanket, a thermos with a hot drink and head out to the Green River Rendezvous Historical Site, the Skyline Scenic Drive Overlook, or the Museum of the Mountain Man South Grounds. Listen to the water while stargazing at the Fremont Lake Lower Boat Dock or the Half Moon Lake Marina. Have a wish ready just in case you’re lucky enough to see a shooting star.

Download the Star Walk 2 Mobile App and let your phone guide you through the sky that sparkles like an effervescent glass of champagne.

Popular Locations

Half Moon Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY

Half Moon Lake

At night, head out to the Half Moon Lake Marina for stunning skies speckled with stars. Go around sunset to watch the silhouette of Half Moon Mountain fade into black to match the night sky and sit back as the celestial sky takes over. 

Pack up a thermos with hot chocolate and claim a picnic bench to cozy up with blankets as you and your family stare up at the sky with awe.

This area is so far from light pollution that you’ll be able to see thousands more stars than you would in any city or town. Be sure to download the Star Walk 2 Mobile App for iPhone or Android to identify the stars, planets, and satellites shining above you.

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Fremont Lake Sunset - Visit Pinedale, WY

Fremont Lake

This gigantic lake just a 15 – 20 minute drive from Pinedale, Wyoming is an ideal spot to watch a stunning sunset over Fremont Ridge and continue the night with some stargazing. The Fremont Lake Lower Boat Dock has some prime spots for peeping the majesty of the night sky. 

If you’re up for a full day of adventure, you can hike or do some water activities during the day and stay until it gets dark to see the sky light up with stars.

Bring warm clothes and some blankets to cozy up while looking up. Look carefully and you may spot some shooting stars, satellites, or constellations. Not sure what you’re looking at? Download the Star Walk 2 Mobile App so you can point out planets and stars with confidence.

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Other Locations

Stargazing Green River Rendezvous Historical Visit Pinedale

Green River Rendezvous Historical Site

If you head West of Pinedale, Wyoming about 15 minutes, you'll stumble upon the Green River Rendezvous Historical Site, a great place to learn the history of the area and a stunning spot for stargazing once the sun says goodnight.

This little out-of-the-way spot is just far enough from town that the light pollution isn't visible, leaving wide open skies for you to see the stars and planets twinkle and glimmer throughout the night.

Stargazing Overlook Visit Pinedale

Skyline Scenic Drive Overlook

This beautiful drive isn't just for the epic daytime views. If you head out of Pinedale, Wyoming around sunset, you'll catch some colorful skies before they fade to black and highlight the shimmering stars that dot the atmosphere.

The Skyline Scenic Drive Overlook sits at about 9,000 feet in elevation, meaning wide open skies for your viewing pleasure without mountain ranges blocking your view of the celestial skies.

Stargazing Museum Of The Mountain Man Visit Pinedale

Museum of the Mountain Man South Grounds

If you're not looking to travel outside Pinedale, Wyoming for your stargazing activity, check out this quaint spot after hours for a stunning show. Pack up a thermos of hot chocolate and bring blankets to lay on the soft grass and take a moment to take in the starlit sky. Point out constellations, stars, planets, and catch a meteor or five in this quaint area perfect for observing the night sky.

Looking for Something Different?

Stargazing Visit Pinedale

Before You Go

  • Download the Star Walk 2 Mobile App for iPhone or Android to identify the night sky's treasures
  • Check the weather before you go and be prepared for cold nights
  • Bring blankets so you can lay on the ground and observe the night sky while relaxing