Fly Fishing Little Half Moon Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY - Fly fishing at Little Half Moon Lake, Pinedale, WY.

Fishing & Ice Fishing

In Pinedale, WY

With hundreds of miles of river and thousands of backcountry lakes, Pinedale is a dream for any avid angler looking for a memorable experience and an impressive trophy trout.

Pinedale is a fishing paradise whether you’re a beginner or expert angler. Avid fishermen are found on the area lakes and streams any day of the year. From sunny, 70º summer days to windy, ‑40º ice fishing expeditions, fishing is a part of life in the Green River Valley.

If you just want to relax and enjoy the views and fishing, take a guided trip through the Green and New Fork Rivers. Due to limited public access, the best way to experience the blue-ribbon fishing on these rivers in the area surrounding Pinedale is from a drift boat. The upper stretch of the Green River has more public access as it runs from the outlet of the lower Green River Lake in the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Willing to try some ice fishing? The Wind River Range is home to over 3,000 high-elevation lakes with stunning scenery which offer plentiful fishing for cold-water trout, including highly sought-after Golden Trout. Ice fishing is a major pastime, and many folks enter the ice fishing derby in March.

Popular Destinations

Square Top Mountain, Wind River Range - Visit Pinedale, WY

Green River

Go for the gold in the Green River, which starts high in the Wind River backcountry from the Stroud Glacier. Watch where you go, as the upper stretch within the forest is open to the public but as it winds south toward town, it runs through mostly private water, limiting access without permission from local landowners to fish it. You’ll want a drift boat to fish the lower sections of the Green and you can relax on a guided trip in the spring, summer and fall.

Catch them all! The Green River is home to Rainbow, Brown, Cutthroat and Brook trout, and is a great river for all anglers, from beginners who are just learning to experts who are looking for a challenge and some bragging rights trophy trout.

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New Fork River Fishing Visit Pinedale WY

New Fork River

A fly fisherman’s & floater’s dream! Whether your idea of a perfect day revolves around fishing, exploring or relaxing, the New Fork River can make it come true. This hospitable river provides plenty of options, from a short scenic float to all-day fishing adventures.

The New Fork River has peaceful and intimate character as it makes its way through grassy meadows, ranch lands, and below sagebrush benches and looming bluffs. Large stands of cottonwood and willow offer shade and attract wildlife. Convenient public boat accesses make this river a heavenly float.

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Fall Fly Fishing New Fork River - Visit Pinedale, WY

New Fork Lakes

If you’re looking for an adventure, ride the New Fork directly out of New Fork Lake through Cora, Pinedale and Boulder before joining the Green River northeast of Big Piney. This small river can be tough, even for expert anglers, but keeping with it can bring in big rewards.

It’s worth it to get a drift boat for the New Fork River for the best chance of a successful trip as it runs almost entirely through private property, with very limited public access points. Go ahead and join a guided float trip on this challenging blue-ribbon fishery, as local guides who are familiar with the river and its twists and turns can help make a day of fishing successful. The New Fork is home to Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout.

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Fremont Lake Sunset - Visit Pinedale, WY

Fremont Lake

Go big at Fremont Lake, the second largest natural lake in the state. At 10 miles long, 1 mile wide and over 600 feet deep, this glacial-fed behemoth is a favorite for fishing, sailing and other water sports in the summer.

Ice fishing is popular on Fremont Lake in the winter months, peaking with an ice fishing derby every March. Due to its size and constant inflow of glacial runoff and snow melt water, Fremont Lake is famously cold. This makes it the perfect home for Rainbow, Brown and Lake trout, which can grow to enormous sizes in its depths. As the water depths drop off dramatically from the shoreline, fishing at the water’s edge can be a challenge, so fishing from a boat is recommended. Go get your trophy!

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Other Locations

Green River Lakes - Pinedale, WY

Lower Green River Lake

A more intimate fishing expedition with spectacular views can happen at Lower Green River Lake, a popular destination for fishing, kayaking and canoeing. The area has a convenient beach area for launching and incredible scenery, including Squaretop and White Rock.

In the summer months, the banks along both Upper and Lower Green River Lakes are full of colorful wildflowers. In the winter, ride a snowmachine for ice fishing and pass alongside a peaceful elk feed ground.

Half Moon Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY

Half Moon Lake

For the option to fish from a boat or the shoreline, Half Moon Lake is a great option, since it's smaller than its neighbor, Fremont Lake. The inlet and outlet for Half Moon are on the same end of the lake, a unique and notable feature.

Water temperatures are not as cold, but still by no means warm. This lake is also known for swimming, boating and water sports, including fishing. Half Moon Lake freezes early, making it more accessible for early-season ice fishing.

Boulder Lake Trailhead - Wind River Mountains

Boulder Lake

If you're on the hunt for Lake trout, look no further than Boulder Lake. There are also Rainbow, Brook, Brown and Cutthroat trout in full supply.

Fish on foot from the shoreline or even work your way up Boulder Creek, or from a boat or float tube in the lake itself. Boulder Lake sits on both USFS and BLM land, with close access to camping, a trailhead and a boat launch. Nearby Boulder Lake Lodge offers dining and lodging options in case you didn't catch dinner.

Looking for Something Different?

Square Top Mountain, Wind River Range - Visit Pinedale, WY

Before You Go

  • Wyoming State fishing licenses are required for anglers aged 14 and up
  • Most watercraft require an Aquatic Invasive Species sticker, so be sure and pick one up before putting in at any boat ramp
  • Familiarize yourself with the current regulations specific to the area(s) you are fishing before heading out
  • Practice the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace whenever accessing the backcountry
  • Be bear and wildlife aware. Never approach animals