Middle Piney Lake Trailhead Location Map: See below for detailed trailhead information.

Middle Piney Lake Trailhead Description

The Middle Piney Lake Trailhead leads to one of the most scenic areas in the Wyoming Range: upper Middle Piney Creek and Wyoming Peak. A historic lookout cabin on the summit of Wyoming Peak offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges

This trail meets up with the Wyoming Range National Recreation Trail after passing a beautiful waterfall. Access road is single lane gravel surface with turn outs, and low-clearance vehicles are not advised. 

The trailhead is located at Middle Piney Lake next to the campground. The Middle Piney Lake Campground has 5 sites and restroom facilities that can accommodate persons with disabilities.

Trailhead Provides Access To

Middle Piney Lake Trailhead provides access to the central Wyoming Mountain Range including:

  • Popular Trails and/or Destinations Accessed:
    • Wyoming Range National Recreation Trail
    • Upper Middle Piney Creek
    • Wohelo Falls
  • Popular Lakes Accessed:
    • Middle Piney Lake
  • Popular Peaks Accessed:

Trailhead Precautions
Trails can climb to over 10,000 feet. Be aware of the effects of altitude sickness and how to treat them.
Bridger-Teton National Forest Reminders
Trailhead Information
Mountain Range

Wyoming Mountain Range


Located in the southern Wyoming Mountain Range, at the outlet of Middle Piney Lake.


8,880 Feet


Mid June thru September

Traffic Usage

Low-use Trailhead

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