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In Pinedale, WY

Got a day in Pinedale? Visit Granite Hot Springs for a fun family day or see the sights on a peaceful drive or short hike to take in the beautiful scenery of the Real Wyoming.

If you’ve got a day to spare in Pinedale, Wyoming, you get to choose your own adventure!

Pop by Granite Hot Springs for a relaxing dip in naturally warm water year-round. There’s nothing like being in hot springs when there’s snow on the ground. Enjoy the views from the deck and explore nearby trails in the winter by ski, snowshoe, or snowmobile.

Go for a drive. Pinedale impresses visitors with some of the most scenic drives in the state. Hit the 32-mile Skyline Drive Loop for views of glassy lakes, towering mountains, and dense green forests (not to mention the wildlife). Another popular drive is Wyoming’s Centennial Scenic Byway. Don’t blink, the diverse and stunning landscapes change before your eyes!

Take a hike. Get out of town and get your boots on for a hike in the natural beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges. With hundreds of miles of trails to choose from, you might want to ask a local where to explore for the day.

Popular Locations

Gros Ventre Mountain Range - Visit Pinedale, WY

Gros Ventre Mountain Range

Home to the famous Granite Hot Springs, this area has a huge campground so you can set up for a day of hikes, hot springs, and relaxing. This family-friendly area is open all year except for a couple brief closures in spring and fall, so be sure to check in before you head out.

Granite Hot Springs is a popular stop for good reason — this little pool of paradise sits at nearly 7,000 feet in elevation and boasts views of the surrounding mountain ranges. A soak in a hot springs in the winter is an extra special treat while surrounded by glistening white blankets of snow. With a $6 charge for adults and $4 charge for children, this is an affordable, relaxing, and beautiful getaway for the day.

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Other Locations

Daytrip Visit Pinedale


Hop in the car with the family and enjoy this epic 32-mile scenic drive that includes views of picturesque Fremont Lake, Half Moon Lake, and Soda Lakes. You're guaranteed to spot lofty forests and expansive plains and you may see some of the local wildlife, including rams, bears, and the aloof moose.

This drive is perfect for the outdoorsman that needs a break from all the activity, but wants to continue adventuring and scoping out the beauty of the Real Wyoming.

Daytrip Byway Visit Pinedale


Head north out of Pinedale, Wyoming to discover this majestic drive that takes you through mountain ranges, rivers begging to be explored, and views worthy of postcards.

Stop by the side of the road and go explore to see some of the vast wildlife that this area houses—hundreds of species! You'll see serene lakes reflecting mirror images of the surrounding mountains and towering trees. Besides snacks and drinks, you'll want to have your camera with you.

Salt to Stone Visit Pinedale


Traverse part of the beautiful Salt to Stone drive that takes you from Salt Lake City to Yellowstone National Park. Not too far outside of Pinedale, you can visit Fremont Lake and the Wind River Mountain Range for a number of small (or big) hikes that provide views of mountains, forests, lakes, and streams.

Bring your camera to capture the wildlife you're bound to cross paths with. Give your body a day of rest on this relaxing, scenic drive before adventuring again.

Looking for Something Different?

Fremont Peak and Jackson Peak - Wind River Range

Before You Go

  • Spring and fall road closures are common at Granite Hot Springs; check on conditions by calling 307-734-7400
  • Granite Hot Springs costs $6/adult and $4/child and is open 10 AM to 8 PM
  • If you plan on hiking, be prepared with snacks, drinks, a map, and a compass
  • For fishing, pack any licenses/permits with you before hitting the lakes/rivers/streams