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Hunting & Shooting

In Pinedale, WY

Are you a sharp shooter? You can practice at a quite a few ranges around town. Prefer big and small game hunting? Plentiful wildlife provides endless trophy opportunities.

In Pinedale, Wyoming, hunting is one of the most popular pastimes.

Plan ahead for your hunt — check the requirements and Preference Points period that goes from July 1 through September 30. Visitors should hire a guide or outfitter with years of backcountry experience to give you and your family the hunt of a lifetime.

In 3.4 million acres of wilderness, it’s easy to find a target. For big game, locals hunt elk, moose, deer, bighorn sheep, pronghorns, black bears, mountain goats and mountain lions in the wild. Small game hunters hunt for jack rabbits and prairie dogs. For hunters looking to sharpen their skills year-round, there are predators like coyotes, raccoons, fox, skunks, and porcupines that aren’t restricted to a season.

For those more focused on the sport of shooting or want to practice with targets, there are a few shooting ranges around town. To get your Hunter Safety Certificate, visit the Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Shooting Complex and learn how to hunt and shoot safely.

Popular Locations

Gros Ventre Mountain Range - Visit Pinedale, WY

Gros Ventre Mountain Range

Nothing makes you feel more alive than hunting in the great outdoors. 

After getting your free non-commercial guide license from the Game and Fish office, you’re free to explore Pinedale’s vast spaces of hunting territory. Planning on bringing home some big game? You’ll also need to hire a licensed guide or resident companion to help lead you on your hunting adventure.

In this scenic, open land, you and your guide can hunt impressive elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, and moose. With spring comes black bear hunting season. How many people get to do this in their part of the country, or world? Take advantage of knowledgeable guides, free permits, and beautiful scenery by hunting in the Gros Ventre Mountain Range.

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Fremont Peak and Jackson Peak - Wind River Range

Wind River Mountain Range

The commanding presence of the Wind River Mountain Range invites you in to get your hunt on.

Hire an outfitter/​guide to take you to the right spot at the right time to give you the perfect shot. Venture into the wilderness to start your hunting journey. Depending on your target, be it bighorn sheep, mountain lion, elk, mule deer, antelope, moose, bobcat, or black bear, you’ll be in good hands with a trustworthy local outfitter.

Tackle your trip by planning ahead. Know the hunting seasons, contact your guides, apply for your license, and pick your prey. Make sure you’re aware of the difficulty of the hunt before you go. Bighorn sheep hunts require peak physical fitness and some steep climbs.

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Other Locations

Big Horn Sheep Hunting Visit Pinedale WY

Whiskey Mountain

You'll definitely want to hire a professional to take you through Whiskey Mountain for hunting the prized Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep. With unclear trails and necessary navigating, you'll need four-wheel drive and a guide that knows his way get a good shot at snagging a bighorn. This hunt isn't for the light-hearted. You'll need to be in tip-top shape to scramble up rocky mountains to go after a ram. The stories you'll be able to tell will be worth it!

Shooting Complex Visit Pinedale WY

Pinedale Rifle and Pistol Shooting Complex

Prepare for an upcoming hunt by practicing your sharp-shooting skills in Pinedale, Wyoming. You can take classes here on hunter and gun safety.

At the rifle range, aim at targets that are 100, 200, or 300 yards away. With four shooting benches and three overhead doors, you can practice shooting with your offhand, while seated or kneeling.

The pistol range lets you shoot targets 25 yards away and has six shooting doors to practice in any position.

Shooting Clays Association Visit Pinedale WY

Pinedale Sporting Clays Association

This non-profit features a clubhouse, a trap range, a five-stand and sporting clays course to help you improve your hand-eye coordination.

In the summer, visit Saturdays at noon for trap shooting and Sundays at noon for sporting clays. The five-stand course is available Sundays at noon during the fall, winter, and spring. Come prepared! if you plan to shoot, you need to bring your own ammo. At $5 for 25 targets, this is definitely an affordable pastime!

Looking for Something Different?

Elk Visit Pinedale WY

Before You Go

  • Get a free non-commercial guide license from a Game and Fish office
  • The law does not prohibit nonresidents from hiking, fishing or hunting game birds or coyotes in wilderness areas
  • Only nonresident big and trophy game hunters must have a licensed guide or resident companion
  • Find a licensed Pinedale area outfitter or contact the US Forest Service at 307-367-4326 for a list of authorized outfitters permitted on the Bridger-Teton National Forest
  • Be sure to ask to see the outfitter's license to ensure they are authorized to operate in the area you are hunting
  • Guides must be employed by, or under contract with, a licensed outfitter and the license must be signed on the back by that outfitter