Summer Horseback Riding - Visit Pinedale, WY -

Horseback Riding

In Pinedale, WY

If you’re a fan of horses, Pinedale is not a bad place to be. Mount a steady steed and gallop through scenic trails or watch locals master a majestic horse at the rodeo.

Saddle Up

Whether you like riding horses or watching locals compete at the rodeo, the Cowboy State is filled with horses and the people who love them.

Saddle up and ride a beautiful, powerful horse through magnificent landscapes of the Bridger-Teton National Forest for an unforgettable adventure. The best time to ride in the Pinedale area is between June and October. You can either rent a horse and head out for a solo trot in the wilderness or join up with a guide that can show you the most incredible views you’ve seen atop your gentle new friend. Keep in mind that if you plan on an overnight trip, you’ll need to grab a permit in town before riding off in the sunset.

If you love horses but aren’t ready to climb aboard, there are entertainment opportunities at the Pinedale Rodeo Grounds. With multiple competitions a year from regional and professional rodeos to riding clinics and other horse-featured events, you won’t run out of equine activities any time soon.

Popular Locations

Summer Paddling Green River Lakes - Visit Pinedale, WY

Green River Lakes

Start your gorgeous horseback ride 52 miles from Pinedale and take the high road (Highline Trail) or the low road (Lakeside Trail) for views that will be etched into your memory. You’ll see glorious clear water reflecting tall mountains and a variety of wildlife from fun specks of flowers to frolicking fawns. 

Watch for hikers, as it’s a popular trail for those on only two legs. Expect fair to rough roads on this trail, so if you’re unfamiliar with the area or horseback riding, bringing a guide along will ultimately provide you with the least stress and the most fun.

There are short half-days, full days, overnights and longer trips available. Be sure to get a permit if you’re planning an overnight trip.

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Half Moon Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY

Half Moon Lake

A short 9.5 miles out from Pinedale lies the ever-popular Half Moon Lake Lodge, a starting point for many trails popular for horse lovers. Spend a half or full day (or more) admiring the Real Wyoming on horseback and either venture out on your own or join in with a friendly group of other explorers for a day in exquisite Pinedale backcountry.

As if spending time with your steed isn’t enough, you’re almost guaranteed to run across other critters from the impressive moose to the elusive gray wolf. Trot along from lake to lake (over 1,300 of them) and admire views of shady forests, towering mountains, and glassy water. Bring your camera, as you will want to relive this experience over and over.

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Fall Fly Fishing New Fork River - Visit Pinedale, WY

New Fork Lakes

About 24 miles north of Pinedale lies a scenic group of lakes surrounded by shady forests, open dirt trails, and unbelievable views that are even more stunning on your trusty steed. This area allows you to explore the backcountry for a quick day trip or longer horsepacking trips.

This trail is a great option for families that love horse riding, with options for stops along the trail for fishing, camping, or riding up a ridge to take in the views from a different perspective. Grab your horse, your permit (if you’re spending the night), and your supplies and get ready to ride the ridges in awe of the Cowboy State’s backcountry beauty. The Real Wyoming is waiting for you and your four-legged friend!

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Horseback Riding Big Sandy Visit Pinedale

Big Sandy

With access to the Bridger Wilderness, Continental Divide Trail, and Cirque of the Towers, the Big Sandy Trailhead is a local favorite. On horseback, you can cover a lot more ground than hiking to see everything this gorgeous area has to offer. A convenient parking area just for equestrians has vault toilets and corrals for keeping your four-legged friend safe. About 54 miles from Pinedale, the epic views are worth the drive.

Horseback Riding Soda Lakes Visit Pinedale

Soda Lakes

This open area offers beautiful, simple, open trails for a quiet (no motorized vehicles allowed) jaunt through sage brush, waving willows, and forest landscapes. A scenic ridge trail brings you through the forest up to majestic views of the mountain range. The bonus tip for this area is that if you get warm, you and your horse can take a dip in this idyllic spot. Bring your fishing poles, as Soda Lake is known for catching delicious (and large) trout!

Horseback Riding Sublette County Fair Visit Pinedale

Sublette County Fairgrounds

The fairgrounds are just 30 minutes from Pinedale and the fair is an ideal place to bring kids for a few days of fun!

For equine enthusiasts that prefer watching to riding, the Sublette County Fair has a huge amount of events that are fun for the whole family from mid to late July. Horse-filled events include youth competitions, barrel riding, open horse shows, and team roping. Other events range from daring motorcycle stunts to greased pig wrestling!

Summer Horseback Riding - Visit Pinedale, WY

Before You Go

  • Overnight horse trips in Wilderness Areas require a permit
  • Permit fees are minimal and can be obtained at the Pinedale Ranger District office
  • If carrying equine feed within the Bridger-Teton National Forest, it must be certified weed-free
  • Wear hunter orange if you're riding during the fall hunting season
  • Know before you go—check in with the Pinedale, Big Piney Ranger District, or the BLM Pinedale Field offices for up-to-date information on trail conditions, facilities, fire danger, and regulations
  • Carry a compact first-aid kit in case of emergencies
  • Bring your compass and a map, as cell phone reception can be unreliable
  • Groups are limited to 15 people