Rendezvous Parade -

Green River Rendezvous

In Pinedale, WY

Join in this annual Pinedale celebration of historic explorers and fur trappers. Absorb this history through re-enactments, rodeos and learning at the Green River Rendezvous.

Meet Us On the Green!

Over the course of the four days in mid-July, you can celebrate the Green River Rendezvous with food, live music, beer, entertainment, and more to celebrate the mountain men, legendary explorers, and Native Americans who opened commerce in the American West.

From visits to the Museum of the Mountain Man that bestows Jim Bridger’s rifle to the return of the Green River Rendezvous historical re-enactment and nightly rodeos, parade, and cultural events will be in high supply. The original Rendezvous from 1824 – 1840 were the best opportunity to lay in supplies for the coming winter, renew acquaintances, tell tall tales, drink, laugh and get rowdy. Join the modern Green River Rendezvous to do the same!

Since 1936, Pinedale has been celebrating this unique festival that honors famous mountain men like Jim Bridger, Kit Carson, and Thomas Fitzpatrick, who paved the way to the West and brought beaver pelts to the forefront of fashion.

Rendezvous Attractions

Wagon Master, Green River Rendezvous Pageant - Visit Pinedale WY

The Pageant

It's guaranteed fun for the whole family as you relive the original Green River Rendezvous of the 1800's with a live, historical re-enactment that has been a Pinedale tradition since 1936. The rodeo grounds come alive with bearded, buck skinned trappers and mountain men of long ago as they gallop, holler, fight, boast, and trade and barter goods.

You won't want to miss this rowdy event that takes place against the backdrop of the beautiful Wind River Mountains. Pinedale's dramatization brings together mountain men, American Indians, Father Joseph DeSmet and many others who played a pivotal role here. You'll be telling your own tall tales about this event before long.

Museum of the Mountain - Visit Pinedale WY

The Museum of the Mountain Man

If you're looking to learn more about the Green River Rendezvous days, join in one or more of the 36 free educational and entertaining programs at the Museum of the Mountain Man, which is dedicated to telling the real history of the Rocky Mountain fur traders.

Enjoy interactive lectures and shows throughout Rendezvous weekend at the American Mountain Men trapper’s camp, north of the Museum at the amphitheater. Topics include firearms, sign language, beaver trapping, clothes, tools, fire making, horse tack and packing, and a Saturday night gathering for stories and songs.

If you're traveling with youngsters, make sure they catch Friday and Saturday's make-and-take Native American Crafts at the giant Crow lodge.

Green River Rendezvous Rodeo

The Rodeo

Pinedale, Wyoming is a true Western town. When the stars come out, so do the cowboys—the second Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of July. Come to the Pinedale Rodeo Grounds just south of town for one of the best Rodeos Wyoming has to offer.

The perfect balance of death-defying events and comedy makes Rodeo nights fun for the whole family! With audience volunteers, you aren't left out of the action... jump into a calf scramble for the kids and bull poker if you're feeling brave (and over 18). Food and drinks are available in case you get a hankering.

Witness Bareback Bronc Riding, Break-Away Roping, Bull Riding, Cowgirl's Barrel Racing, Team Doctoring and Team Roping. Yeehaw!

Green River Rendezvous - Traders Row

Trader's Row

If you like to bring home tokens of your trips, you can't miss Trader's Row on Saturday (9 AM-6 PM) and Sunday (9 AM-3 PM) at the Museum of the Mountain Man. From turn-of-the-century western clothing, to homemade foods, tools, and Native American goods, you'll find a wide variety of keepsakes.

Fun for the whole family with activities like the Candy Cannon blasting sweet treats all day, a frying pan toss, a bow shoot for all ages, and a "Tell a Tall Tale" contest.

Rendezvous parade

The Parade

This isn't any run-of-the-mill parade, it's one of the rowdiest, historical parades the Cowboy State produces. Celebrate the Annual Green River Rendezvous in Pinedale, Wyoming with more than 50 impressive floats, music, dancers, and more!

Grab a bite of regional food to settle your rumbling tummy, capture keepsakes from local vendors, and and settle in for the show. The parade happens the second Saturday of July on the Wyoming Centennial Scenic Byway / US 191.

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Annual Events

Western Mountain Man - Visit Pinedale, WY

Before You Go

  • The Green River Rendezvous happens annually the second week of July
  • The Pageant and Rodeo require a small admission fee
  • If you plan to drink, bring valid ID and drink responsibly