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In Pinedale, WY

Ride Pinedale for mountain and fat tire biking on terrain that varies from daring to idyllic. Experience mountain trails, gravel two track, and groomed snow trails in winter.

Peak biking season around Pinedale from June to September is a scenic adventure for you and the whole family.

About 80% of Sublette County is public land, giving you access to a huge variety of terrain and scenery to adventure in. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route spans scenic Sublette County from Union Pass through Cora, Pinedale and Boulder to the wild southern end of the Wind River Range. See landscapes ranging from open meadows to quaint streams, jagged mountain ranges to wildlife havens.

Outside of this large system trail, the Pinedale area is home to varied terrain and trails that range from chill to skilled. In the winter months, you can switch to fat bikes and explore groomed terrain in a white blanket of snow. Regardless of the season, breathtaking scenery and solitude along the trails make your Pinedale biking experience a must for any outdoorsman’s itinerary. With the plentiful wildlife in this area, every ride is one to remember.

Popular Destinations

Triple and McDougal Peaks - Wyoming Mountain Range

Wyoming Mountain Range

The Wyoming Range is perfect for a family of mountain bikers due to its scenic riding trails on the easier side of the scale. 

Popular riding areas and trails include Horse Creek (a lovely stream lined with grass and through a scenic valley), the Greys River Valley (a stream lined with pine trees and surrounded by towering mountains), Middle Piney (a beautiful lake with dirt trails and many postcard photo opportunities), Bare Pass (grassy, hilly with looming red rocks), North and South Cottonwood Creeks (a rocky, forested area great for fishing), and the South Fork of North Horse Creek (an old logging road that leads uphill to an impressive view). For scenic, calm rides, you can’t go wrong in the Wyoming Range.

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Square Top Mountain, Wind River Range - Visit Pinedale, WY

Green River

The Upper Green River Valley area on the Bridger-Teton National Forest has many popular riding trails within Boulder Basin, Gypsum Creek, Roaring Forks, Tosi and Kinky Creeks, Teepee Creek and Union Pass. Elk Ridge in particular offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Be aware that the Upper Green River Valley is grizzly bear country, and encounters with these animals are possible.

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Other Locations to Bike

Mountain Biking Summer Mesa Visit Pinedale WY

The Mesa

For a change in landscape, head south of Pinedale to see the dry, high desert plateau called "The Mesa."

With about 900,000 acres of draws, ridges, badlands, and rolling hills to explore on your mountain bike, The Mesa offers views of the five nearby mountain ranges: the Wind River Range, the Wyoming Range, the Gros Ventre Mountains, the Big Piney Plateau and the Teton Mountain Range. Find the trail that fits your adventurous spirit.

Mountain Biking Visit Pinedale WY

Boulder, Wyoming Area

Take a truck up through a shady, forested area to a sage meadow with willows and a creek to the left. Next, you'll unload your bikes and journey through Irish Canyon, where there are miles of roads and trails. These old logging roads are great trails for a family ride. At the end, the trail rides parallel to a peaceful creek and steeply up through forest to Lamoreaux Meadows.

Pack up your family, some snacks, and your bikes and head to Boulder for a biking adventure.

Mountain Biking Summer Visit Pinedale WY

Bondurant/Hoback Area

The Bondurant/Hoback area offers trails and roads that start in open sagebrush valleys and lead into scenic forested country and beyond. Popular destinations include the Rim Roads, the Hoback River Road, Water Dog Lakes, Twin Creek Valley, and many side roads off Hwy 191 leading into the Gros Ventre Wilderness.

Mountain Biking Summer Big Sandy Visit Pinedale WY

Big Sandy Area

Big Sandy offers a variety of rides, ranging from level terrain to steep climb challenges. The scenery is spectacular with lofty mountain peaks, forest, open sagebrush hills, and plenty of wildlife. The Big Sandy Lodge offers overnight accommodations.

Looking for Something Different?

Fall Mountain Biking White Pine - Visit Pinedale, WY

Before You Go

  • Visit Geared Up bike shop in Pinedale for trail maps, beta, recommendations and gear
  • Pack appropriately-weather changes are frequent and rapid
  • Don't rely on cell service. Make sure people know where you're going and when you should be back
  • Understand the risks
  • Trails are not well-marked, so compass and map reading skills are valuable
  • Be prepared for animal encounters. Never approach wildlife
  • Have enough food, water, and first aid supplies for your whole party