Fall ATV Soda Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY -


In Pinedale, WY

If you want to cruise the scenic backcountry on four wheels, rent an ORV (Off-Road Vehicle) or an ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) to explore Pinedale’s great outdoors. 

Explore Hundreds of Miles of 
Dirt and Two-Track Roads

Mount your four-wheeled friend and explore Pinedale’s backcountry. Travel the terrain through hundreds of miles of two-track roads. With nothing but a map, four wheels, and the sun shining down on you, you can explore the Bridger-Teton National Forest’s thick, earthy landscapes.

If you’ve never experienced the feeling of flying through off-road trails while surrounded by some of the most pristine beauty in the United States of America, you and your friends or family will want to saddle up and start riding. Pinedale is surrounded by hidden lakes, shady forests, serene streams, and magnificent mountains that you can explore by yourself or in a group.

Permits & Maps

Make sure to grab a permit and ATV Roadmap from the friendly folks in town before riding or order one ahead of your trip. Permits are good for a whole calendar year and you don’t want to get caught without one.

Popular Destinations

Gros Ventre Mountain Range - Visit Pinedale, WY

Gros Ventre Mountain Range

Looking to spot some wildlife on your four-wheeler? This is the area to adventure in. From Fisherman Creek, full of abundant streams, to Middle and South Beaver, you’re bound to see some wildlife roaming around. Jack Creek winds through statuesque mountains and forest land, making you feel like you’re discovering the area for the first time. 

While riding through Dell Creek, you may see some wild elk that you can race across the plains. Upper Hoback River Road takes you past cabins perfect for an afternoon pause, while the Rim reminds you of how small you are amongst towering mountains. Depending on the season you can travel through lush grass or fresh powder in the Gros Ventre Range.

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Triple and McDougal Peaks - Wyoming Mountain Range

Wyoming Mountain Range

A secluded area for nature lovers, this area is known for its explosion of wildflowers. Horse Creek has grand views of mountain ranges, rolling hills, and landscapes that will make you want to pull over and appreciate the solitude. 

Rocket through McDougal Gap on your ATV or ORV and take in the scenic mountains. You may startle some fisherman in South Cottonwood Creek as your ride roars through to Bare Mountain. Head north to Bald Mountain for a forest crawling up the hill. Middle Piney has a serene, glassy lake surrounded by thick forest and mountain ranges for days. Packsaddle Ridge bursts with color in the fall and Absaroka Ridge may be the most scenic range of mountains in the area.

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Half Moon Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY

Half Moon Lake

About 10 miles northeast of Pinedale sits a stunning lake surrounded by forest, mountains, and deafening silence. This is the place to get away from it all and let the engine of your four-wheeler do the talking. During the summer, ride past the clear lake, teeming with fish and fisherman. 

In the winter, ice fisherman takeover, as does the pure, white, snowy peaks on the nearby mountain ranges, perfect for a quick drive by before getting back to town for something hot to drink. Riding around Half Moon Lake on a four-wheeler is akin to meditation, as the paths wind through wilderness untouched by man. This is the ideal place to ride to experience the incomparable beauty that Wyoming has to offer.

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Other Locations

Jeeping to Granite Lake Pinedale WY

Upper Green/Union Pass

With occasional jaw-dropping views of Squaretop Mountain, this area is a picturesque place to coast through on four wheels. If you're a forest person, Eagle Creek touts soaring pines and plenty of shade.

Mosquito Lake sounds buggy but is the perfect place for a picnic. Tosi Creek provides idyllic mountain range views and Strawberry Creek looks like John Wayne is going to gallop through on a stallion.

Wyoming Range ATV Pinedale Wyoming

Mid and Northern Winds

Besides scenic Half Moon Lake, there are a few more spots you don't want to miss just north of Pinedale. Willow Lake and the West side of Fremont Lake offer breathtaking views with towering pines, snow-dusted mountain ranges, and glass-like water.

Pot Creek Park is the place to cruise in the fall with impressive colors that will literally stop you in your tracks. Little Flattop Mountain and the New Fork Scout Camp area are other must-see trails.

4-Wheeling in Pinedale WY

Southern Winds

The Winds' sharp mountain peaks are perfect for a family-friendly four-wheeler drive on a mild day. From tranquil Little Half Moon Lake to rocky Boulder Lake, this area takes you through a variety of landscapes begging to be seen.

East Fork Lakes skim rocky ridges of the Southern Winds and guide you towards Canyon Creek, past a waterfall. Go through Muddy Lake and Muddy Ridge for an adventure you won't forget. Big Sandy's natural beauty is jaw-dropping.

Looking for Something Different?

Fall ATV Soda Lake - Visit Pinedale, WY

Before You Go

Don’t Forget Your Permits

  • Permits are required to ride an OHV (Off-Highway Vehicle), including ATVs and ORVs
  • To purchase a Wyoming State Permit/Sticker, go to the Wyoming State website
  • Order your permit in advance and receive your permit within 2 weeks
  • Your permit is valid for one calendar year
  • Permits required for residents and visitors
  • Motorized vehicles are not allowed in designated areas of the Bridger and Gros Ventre Wildernesses