The Wind River Range of western Wyoming offers all levels of rock climbing challenges, from simple bouldering in the foothills to extended assaults on high mountain peaks.

Notable Wind River Climbing Destinations

Cirque of the Towers - Southern Wind River Range

The Cirque of the Towers, located in the Big Sandy area of the Wind River Range, is famous amongst alpine climbers around the world. The Cirque of the Towers is a massive collection of peaks with huge rock faces of superb granite that is often compared to the high-caliber granite of Yosemite Valley. Of the many classic mountains to explore, Warbonnett, Warrior One, Mount Mitchelle, Wolf's Head, Pingora, and Shark's Nose are the more notable peaks but even the lesser-known adjacent peaks are deserving of attention. The Cirque of the Towers spoils climbers with hundreds of established routes to choose from that span a diverse range of climbing difficulties, styles, and disciplines.

Titcomb Basin - Central Wind River Range

The Titcomb Basin region offers everything from a 3rd class walkup to a extremely difficult expert-only climbing. The climbing in this part of the Wind River Range has a long and rich mountaineering history. Every year, professional and amateur climbers alike return to Titcomb Basin seeking adventure, solitude, and beauty and Titcomb Basin never disappoints. Titcomb Basin comes highly recommended the adventurous, yet capable, climber. This area is accessible from the Elkhart Park trailhead.

The Wind River Range is a huge mountain playground with a lifetime's worth of classic destinations to explore... A popular guidebook is highly recommended.

Accessible Day-climbing Options Near Pinedale

Stonehenge - 20 minute drive from Pinedale

Beginners seeking easily accessible cliffs that can be top roped should visit Stonehenge near Boulder, Wyoming (20 minute drive from Pinedale). Stonehenge is a large cluster of massive 10-40 foot high granite boulders, that offer a good range of roped climbing and bouldering options. For more information on Stonehenge, refer to the Pinedale, WY Climbing Guidebook.

Lizard Rocks - 15 minute drive, plus a 10 minute hike, from Pinedale
Mulligan Park, 14 miles up Skyline Drive from Pinedale, is a group of granite buttresses immediately opposite the Fremont Lake overlook, and is a fantastic place for beginners to try their hand at moderate roped climbing. Download a free climbing guide to Lizard Rocks at

Pinedale's foothills are vast and there's plenty more cliffs to train on than what's listed here... come explore for yourself!

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Climbing Advice

  • Expect, and be prepared for, extreme mountain weather anytime of the year.
  • Bring extra food, water, and cold-weather clothing.
  • Cell phone service is unreliable at most climbing areas.
  • Be aware of your climbing ability, and only climb within your comfort zone.
  • Climbing is inherently dangerous - seek qualified instruction.