Spring Creek Park Trailhead Location Map: See below for detailed trailhead information.

Spring Creek Park Trailhead Description

Spring Creek Park boasts quiet hiking through timber and meadows to gradually gain higher elevations above tree line. The trailhead is located approximately 12 miles north of Pinedale. 

High clearance vehicles are strongly recommended, and due to the roughness of the road the hiking and stock use is light. There is a large parking area with one corral, but no restrooms or water available at the trailhead. No campground nearby.

Trailhead Provides Access To

Spring Creek Park Trailhead provides access to the central Wind River Range and Bridger Wilderness including:

  • Popular Trails and/or Destinations Accessed:
    • Central section of the Continental Divide Scenic Trail
    • Stroud Glacier (headwaters of the Green River)
  • Popular Lakes Accessed:
    • Glimpse Lake
    • Trapper Lake
    • Summit Lake
    • Elbow Lake
    • Peak Lake
  • Popular Peaks Accessed:
    • Stroud Peak

Bridger-Teton National Forest Reminders
Trailhead Information
Mountain Range

Wind River Mountain Range


Central Wind River Range, 12 miles north of Pinedale, Wyoming.


8,480 Feet


June thru September

Traffic Usage

Low-use Trailhead

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