New Fork Trailhead Location Map: See below for detailed trailhead information.

New Fork Trailhead Description

The New Fork Lakes and surroundings forest and rocky canyon walls are beautiful. Furthermore, the New Fork Trailhead accesses good mountain stream fishing and a relatively mild approach deep into the central Wind River Range. 

The trailhead is approximately 24 miles north of Pinedale via highway 352 and about 4 miles of good gravel road. This is a medium-use area at an elevation of 7,800'. Two National Forest Campgrounds are located near the trailhead. There is a small parking area at the trailhead for wilderness travelers with drinking water, corrals and hitch rails.

The Narrows Campground also has a volunteer Campground Host who can provide more information on current conditions in the area. This area suffered a wildfire in 2008, so expect to see some charred trees in the beginning.

Trailhead Provides Access To

New Fork Trailhead provides access to the northern Wind River Range and Bridger Wilderness including:

  • Popular Trails and/or Day Hikes Accessed:
    • Northern section of the Continental Divide Scenic Trail
    • New Fork Canyon
    • New Fork Park
    • Palmer Canyon
  • Popular Lakes Accessed:
  • Popular Peaks Accessed:
    • Doubletop Mountain
    • Dome Peak (often described as the "China Wall")

Bridger-Teton National Forest Reminders
Trailhead Information
Mountain Range

Wind River Mountain Range


Northern Wind River Range, 24 miles north of Pinedale, Wyoming.


7,890 Feet


End of May thru mid October

Traffic Usage

Medium-use Trailhead

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