Elkhart Park Trailhead Location Map: See below for detailed trailhead information.

Elkhart Park Trailhead Description

Elkhart Park is the trailhead closest to Pinedale, and is a major access point for the Wind River Range. Wyoming's highest peak, Gannett Peak, is most scenically approached from here, as well as Titcomb Basin and Fremont Peak. 

Elkhart Park is located 15 miles northeast of Pinedale with fully-paved road access. Two trailheads and a campground called Trail's End with 8 campsites make up this entry. The elevation at Elkhart Park Trailhead and Trail's End Campground is 9,280 feet. 

This is a high-use campground and trailhead, with toilets and corrals. There is non-potable water available. A manned Forest Service visitor center is located at the entrance to Elkhart Park.

Trailhead Provides Access To

Elkhart Part Trailhead provides access to the central Wind River Range and Bridger Wilderness including:

  • Popular Trails and/or Day Hikes Accessed:
    • Central section of the Continental Divide Scenic Trail
    • Photographer's Point Day Hike
  • Popular Lakes Accessed:
    • Island Lake
    • Long Lake
    • Titcomb Lakes
    • Pole Creek Lakes
    • Wall Lake
    • Cook Lakes 
  • Popular Popular Peaks Accessed:
    • Gannett Peak (highest point in Wyoming)
    • Fremont Peaks
    • Titcomb Basin
    • Indian Basin

Trailhead Precautions
Be aware of the effects of altitude sickness and how to treat it. Elkhart Park is one of the highest trailheads in the Wind River Range and many of the peaks and passes are very elevated. Allow for time to acclimate whenever possible to ensure personal health and safety.
Bridger-Teton National Forest Reminders
Trailhead Information
Mountain Range

Wind River Mountain Range


Central Wind River Range, 15 miles northeast of Pinedale, Wyoming.


9,280 Feet


Mid-June through mid-September

Traffic Usage

High-use Trailhead

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