Boulder Lake Trailhead Location Map: See below for detailed trailhead information.

Boulder Lake Trailhead Description

Boulder Lake Trailhead is a go-to for motivated backcountry anglers. The range's greatest concentration of backcountry fishing is found in the Wind River Range's mid-section, and the Boulder Lake Trailhead provides access to pristine alpine lake and stream fishing. 

Boulder Lake Trailhead is located approximately 25 miles southeast of Pinedale. The road is partially paved, followed by 10 miles of gravel and dirt road. The Boulder Lake Campground, with 28 sites, is located near the trailhead. The trailhead is located at an elevation of 7,300' and receives moderate hiking and stock use. 

There are very limited camping opportunities for the first 8 miles due to the topography, so plan accordingly. This area suffered a wildfire in 1988, so expect to see some charred trees on this route. There is a large parking area near the trailhead with toilets and corrals. No drinking water available. The closest town is Boulder which has limited services and few supplies. Pinedale is the closest town for full services.

Trailhead Provides Access To

Boulder Lake Trailhead provides access to a backcountry angler's paradise in the central Wind River Range of the Bridger Wilderness.

  • High concentration of alpine lakes and streams
  • Lakes Access:
    • North Fork Lake
    • Lake Victor
    • Fire Hole Lakes
    • Lake Christina
  • Central section of the Continental Divide Scenic Trail

Bridger-Teton National Forest Reminders
Trailhead Information
Mountain Range

Wind River Mountain Range


Southern Wind River Range, 25 miles southeast of Pinedale, Wyoming.


7,700 Feet


June thru September

Traffic Usage

Medium-use Trailhead

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