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The CCC Ponds are a good place to take the kids fishing on a sunny summer afternoon, or to enjoy a quiet morning walk, run or bike ride.

At the south end of  Fremont Lake is a short dirt road leading to the CCC Ponds, a fish and wildlife habitat interpretive area. It has a large parking lot, vault toilets, paved and unpaved bike/walking paths, and benches at quiet spots where you can observe fish, water birds and many other species of wildlife. A larger, developed bike path loops from the parking area down to the Pinedale cemetery on Fremont Lake Road. 

Locals Love the CCC Ponds For...

Locally appreciated for opportunities to foremost observe wildlife such as moose, deer, birds, waterfowl, and beavers, but also to shoreline fish, hike, picnic, bike, snowshoe and cross county ski.

Early June sees Kids' Fishing Day at the CCC Ponds, when government agencies and Trout Unlimited get together to teach kids (and their parents!) proper fishing techniques, simple fish biology, and fishing ethics. The CCC Ponds also serve as an "outdoor classroom" for local science teachers, who arrange field trips so students can grasp basic theories of ecology, wildlife biology and hydrology.

Directions to the CCC Ponds

From Pinedale, follow Fremont Lake Road for 3.5 miles and turn left on FS Road 749. Continue another mile and turn left again on FS Road 111 and follow the dirt road to a parking area.

History of the CCC Ponds

The CCC Ponds Recreation Area holds historical significance as one of the nation's first Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC) camps, Camp Fremont, during the New Deal Program in 1933.