Popular Destinations

Cirque of the Towers

Cirque of the Towers, located ten miles into the Bridger Wilderness of the southern portion of the Wind River Mountain Range, is a mecca for backpackers and climbers. The Cirque offers spectacular scenery for hikers and technical rock climbing opportunities for those who want to test their endurance and go vertical.
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Gannett Peak

Gannett Peak is remotely located in the northern Wind River Mountain Range, situated on the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail in both the Fitzpatrick and Bridger Wilderness Areas. A formidable mountain in itself, Gannett Peak is only accessed after enduring hikes at high altitudes and mountain passes, glacier and rock travel, and finicky, potentially dangerous, weather patterns. The 896 acre Gannett Glacier is the largest single…
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Photographer’s Point

PhotographerÂ’s Point overlook is a popular scenic day hike to introduce the adventurer to the spectacular mountain tops of the 100 mile Wind River Range. The Pole Creek Trail leads you on a 9 mile roundtrip hike so you can proudly claim you have "hiked the Winds."
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