Wyoming’s Centennial Scenic Byway Map: Select a map icon or see below for more information.

Wyoming’s Centennial Scenic Byway Description

This area is rich in wildlife, and with hundreds of different animal species, the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem boasts more than any other place in the Rocky Mountain region. The scenic byway from Pinedale to Jackson is the preferred route to and from Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.


Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Year Round

Trip Facts

Distances from Pinedale: 77 miles to Jackson. 97 miles to Grand Teton National Park. 132 miles to Yellowstone.

Trip Highlights

Excellent highway conditions, incredible scenery, wildlife viewing, panoramic views of the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming Range, and Gros Ventre Mountains, "Path of the Pronghorn" wildlife overpasses, rivers and lakes

Driving Directions

Pinedale >> Green River >> Astorian Campsite Historic Marker >> Bridger Teton National Forest Boundary >> The Rim >> Bondurant >> Hoback River Canyon >> Snake River >> Jackson >> Grand Teton National Park