Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Shooting Complex

The Pinedale Rifle & Pistol Club is a non-profit organization with the goal to provide training within a safe environment. Training includes Hunter Safety courses, complete with a valid Hunter Safety Certificate, gun safety, and a 4-H program.

Rifle Range

The rifle range has multiple target frames within the 100, 200 and 300 yard range. The range building is complete with four shooting benches and three overhead doors for position shooting such as offhand, seating, kneeling, and prone. The range also accomodates 4-H shooters for 22-rimfire shooting. Memberships available.

Pistol Range

Target frames on the range are set at 25 yards with portable stands that may be moved to accommodate different shooting applications. The range can hold a maximum of 12 target frames. The range building is complete with six shooting doors and an overhead door for position shooting for rim-fire rifles, pistols and revolvers. Memberships are available, while non-members have access to the outdoor section of the pistol range.

Pinedale Sporting Clays Association

The Pinedale Sporting Clays Association is a non-profit public group organization located at 68 Industrial Site Road. Facilities include a clubhouse, trap range, five-stand & sporting clays course. 

Trap shooting is held on Saturdays at noon during the summer months. 

The sporting clays course is open on Sundays at noon during the summer months.

The five-stand course is open on Sundays at noon during the fall, winter, & spring months. 

**Bring your own ammo. No membership is necessary. Cost: $5.00 / 25 targets.

**No unauthorized use. 

**Eye & hearing protections is required. 

For more information: Visit Pinedale Sporting Clays on Facebook. 

Range Information

  • Shooting Hours: 8 AM to Sunset. Closed after dark.
  • Directions: The Rifle and Pistol Ranges are located near the Industrial Park, west of Pinedale. Access is via the Industrial Site Road from U.S. Highway 191. Travel south approximately two miles and begin to ascend the road to Mount Airey/ 43 Industrial Site Road