Areas to Mountain Bike

Pinedale Area:

The Pinedale area offers bikers many different riding opportunities ranging from two track trails to dirt roads for a variety of skill challenges and scenery. From Skyline Drive, mountain bikers can access the Sweeney Creek area and Grouse Mountain trail. Half Moon mountain is accessible from Pole Creek Road.

White Pine Ski Area:

Shuttling riders from White Pine Ski Lodge up to Elkhart Park then take either Elk Chase #1 or #2 trails back down to the main lodge. Elk Chase #1 is less technical but still lots of fun while Elk Chase #2 is more technical with steeper downhill sections. The attached links show both trails with #2 being on the left side of the map and #1 being on the right side.

The Mesa:

South of Pinedale, between the Wind River Range and the Wyoming Range, is the dry, high desert plateau called "The Mesa", managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The Mesa has approximately 900,000 acres of draws, ridges, badlands, and rolling hills to explore. These trails offer views of the five surrounding mountain ranges: the Wind River Range skyline, the Wyoming Range, the Gros Ventre Mountains, the Big Piney Plateau and the Teton Mountain Range.

Boulder, Wyoming Area:

The Irish Canyon area offers many miles of roads and trails going through open, sagebrush hills and forest. This is a good area for family rides.

Big Sandy Area:

Big Sandy offers a variety of rides, ranging from level terrain to steep climb challenges. The scenery is spectacular with lofty mountain peaks, forest, open sagebrush hills, and plenty of wildlife. The Big Sandy Lodge offers overnight accommodations.

Bondurant/Hoback Area:

The Bondurant/Hoback area offers trails and roads that start in open sagebrush valleys and lead into scenic forested country and beyond. Popular destinations include the Rim Roads, the Hoback River Road, Water Dog Lakes, Twin Creek Valley, and many side roads off Hwy 191 leading into the Gros Ventre Wilderness.

Wyoming Range:

The Wyoming Range is ideal for mountain biking due to its scenic riding trails and low impact use. Popular riding areas and trails include Horse Creek, the Greys River Valley, Middle Piney, Bare Pass, North and South Cottonwood Creeks, and the South Fork of North Horse Creek.

Upper Green River:

The Upper Green River Valley area on the Bridger-Teton National Forest has many popular riding trails within Boulder Basin, Gypsum Creek, Roaring Forks, Tosi and Kinky Creeks, Teepee Creek and Union Pass. Elk Ridge in particular offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountain ranges. Be aware that the Upper Green River Valley is grizzly bear country, and encounters with these animals are possible.

Continental Divide Mountain Biking Trail

The CDMBT begins from the top of Union Pass, and runs through the upper Green River Valley, past Cora and into Pinedale. Bikers use Pinedale to replenish supplies, purchase maps, and ask for directions. After Pinedale, the Boulder Store is the last stop available for supplies. From Boulder to South Pass, the trail is extremely remote with breathtaking views of the Wind River Mountain Range.


While out in the country, bikes should carry maps, water, food, tools, and extra clothing to ensure their safety. The Pinedale area is high mountain terrain where the weather is intense and can change very abruptly. Also, many trails are not well marked, so compass and map reading skills are useful.