Endless Powder - Untracked snowmobiling in the Wyoming Mountain Range.

Endless Powder – Untracked snowmobiling in the Wyoming Mountain Range. © Andrew Wyman

Outdoor Recreation for any Season

One of the best ways to experience Pinedale is simple...go play in Pinedale's vast mountain playground.

Hunt for big game, ski down a mountain, boondock a trail , jig a straight line, and click a shutter...

Cowboy up on the back of your iron horse and explore our vast network of our snowmobile trails. Or maybe you'd prefer a pair of ice climbing boots to climb sections of the Wind River Mountain Range.  Maybe check the uncrowded downhill runs at White Pine Ski Area? Then there's the local favorite, ice fishing on Fremont and Half Moon Lakes. Whatever style of recreation you choose, the mountainsrivers and trails of Pinedale's great outdoors will captivate you.

When Mountain Recreation is Complete... 

In-town attractions such as the Pinedale Aquatic Center, the CCC Ponds Cross Country Trails, the Wind River Brewing Company's state-of-the-art brewing and canning facility, and the Sublette County Ice Arena are fun for the whole family. Locally-owned and operated businesses such as the Great Outdoor ShopBucky's Outdoors, and Gannett Sports offer winter supplies and services to outfit visitors for all our outdoor activities to enjoy around town. Pinedale is a true mountain town with friendly people and long loved dining and lodging establishments, unique cultural events, and authentic out-west living that has been passed down through generations. 

Pinedale, Wyoming... it's all the civilization you need.